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EAM is an Enterprise Assets Management. Implement robust asset tracking capabilities, enabling real-time visibility into asset location, condition, and availability. Generate accurate reports on asset utilization, depreciation, maintenance costs, and compliance for informed decision-making and financial reporting.

According to IAS-12, IAS-16, IAS-36, such as Deferred Tax, Depreciation, Profit and Loss on Disposal of Assets, Revaluation Reserve, Transfer amount of Revaluation reserve to Retained Earnings.

Unique Identification
Location Allocation
User Allocation
Deprecation Calculation
Physical Verification
Repair & Maintenance
Asset Register
Asset Schedule
Deferred tax Calculation
Overall Accounting

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Benefits Of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

A user-friendly interface, where the user can easily understand and navigate through the application in an efficient way & Keep your accounts, data and personal information safe. Gives you the freedom to access the application from anywhere, any time and from any device. Finally, This systems can help organizations to operate more effectively and efficiently, improve decision-making capabilities, and stay ahead of the competition.

Centralize Asset Information
Accurate Tracking and Reporting
Streamline Workflows
Accounting Impacts
Quick decision making